Welcome to K and L Barrel Horses.  We are a small breeding and training facility in northwest North Dakota. We are very proud of the horses we have to offer to the public.  We have sold horses that have helped young women win their first buckles and saddles, to taking high school students to nationals.  We are constantly improving our breeding program to provide the best athletes to the public as we can.

We at K and L Barrel Horses are very particular in what we offer for sale.  If we do not feel like a horse is going to make it as a barrel horse, we find them another job.  We offer horses that are easy to run and do not need much work.  K and L barrel horses are great to be around - this is very important to us.  With children of our own, we expect only the best manners from our horses.  Our horses not only run barrels, they are used on the ranch to check cows, drag caves to the fire, and sort.  They know what a hard day of work is.  We feel this helps in making a well-rounded horse.

So enjoy your time here with us and thank you for visiting K and L Barrel Horses.