Leroy Hofer, and everyone else here at K and L Barrel Horses, is really excited to give the people that support us an opportunity to get more. Without you there would be no program.  We sat down and looked at all the incentives available. They are all great, but they just didn't include all our great owners. We came up with the idea of creating our own program.

How it works is your horse needs to be By KL Limitless. It does not matter if you breed the horse, purchased it from us, or someone else, it's eligible. Takin On Shawne's offspring are also eligible but they need to come through our program. This means foals born in 2016 or horses by him that we have sold.

Now here is the fun part: Wherever you win money, in any event, we will match it. Your horse has the opportunity to win a total of $5,000 in its life time from the K and L Barrel Horse incentive. It dose not matter if the horse gets sold if its not hit its $5,000 it can still run at the money.

We are very excited to provide this incentive. This is our way of thanking the owners for believing in us.